After 15 years as a journalist both in the UK and USA, during which I was lucky enough to win an Emmy Award with NBC News, I left to spread my wings in PR. Writing has always been a passion but I’m an accidental author; the ideas and stories are formed while walking Ramsey and Blue in order to stop them from pulling. You might see me walking around Wigan talking to the dogs and who knows - that chat might become my next manuscript!
Ramsey is a 5-year-old lurcher who was abandoned as a puppy. He was found by Foal Farm Animal Rescue in Biggin Hill and bounced into our lives aged 7 months.
Blue is a 8-year-old ex-racing greyhound who came to us via her owner/trainer when she retired at the age of 4.
Since adopting Ramsey and Blue, I have become aware of the growing crisis of abandoned dogs, overcrowded rescues and abuse of greyhounds discarded by the racing industry here in the UK. Blue is an ex-racing greyhound and was lucky – she had a great owner who loved his dogs and ensured they all found homes after racing but many aren’t so lucky. Greyhounds are classified as livestock rather than dogs and not looked upon as pets so I wanted to do something to change that. Ramsey was also abandoned as a puppy before being rescued by Foal Farm Animal Rescue where we adopted him from. I realised that the best way to effect change is through the next generation and decided to write a children’s book to hopefully change the way people see sighthounds.
Miriam Payne
Children's book author

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