Notes From Our Book Launch

What a busy week we’ve had with the publication of A Greyt Pirate Tail, Blue’s 8th birthday and an Easter getaway!

On Tuesday 27th March Dave and I travelled down to London for the official launch of A Greyt Pirate Tail at the Institute of Directors. This is a monthly event organised by Filament Publishing where authors are showcased, new books launched and people can come to hear from a wide variety of experts on all aspects of the publishing business. My publisher Chris asked me to speak about some of the things we have achieved since the publication of A Greyt Christmas Tail back in July and the ways in which I have gone about promoting it. I’ve posted the video from the event below – public speaking is not my thing so please excuse the nerves but I hope you enjoy it.

It was wonderful to see Anne-Marie again, our amazingly talented illustrator! We’re hoping to meet up again over the summer so she can actually meet Ramsey and Blue in person. It’s so funny to me that she just gets both of them so perfectly and captures their personalities in her illustrations but has never met them…..

Don’t forget that all copies of A Greyt Pirate Tail purchased through this website are personalised and signed, just leave information in the comment box on check out as to who you would like me to dedicate the book to.

If you’d like to find out more about A Greyt Pirate Tail before purchasing your copy, here is a review from Mel at Fraser’s Fun House. It’s so scary sending out review copies as you’ve put so much into writing the book and just hope that people like it. We couldn’t have asked for a better review…thank you so much Mel and Leo!

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