Blue’s Greyt Adventure #getBluetoAntarctica

With Ramsey on bed rest due to an injured paw and The Scary Hairy One too old to walk very far, Blue has been feeling restless lately. Last Friday she decided she wanted to go adventuring; a quick look online showed her that it was International Flip Flop Day and that was it. Aha! She was going travelling….

After breakfast (a girl couldn’t possibly go travelling on an empty stomach!) she packed up her passport, magic flip flops and some books for the journey and off she went. This was it…..her first big solo hadventure. Where would it take her?

After a quick trip down to Hertfordshire, the first country to check in was New Zealand. Well Blue was so excited, she loves open spaces and green grass; maybe, just maybe she may get to see Bilbo Baggins! After a quick pootle around, her next stop was Michigan, USA. She really wished Ramsey was with her at this point as he would have loved playing in the great lakes. Before she knew it, the bagpipes were calling and she was off to sunny (for one day) Scotland followed by a whistlestop tour of the UK. So many wonderful places, Blue wished she had more time in each.

Canada, Australia, Cyprus and Denmark all flew by and then……South Korea!  Blue could not believe her luck, she had now visited 4 different continents in one morning.

She was having the best time of her life meeting lovely people all over the world and didn’t want it to end. It was just lunchtime, so she was hopeful that she could make it all around the world and back in time for tea. After a few hours spent frolicking in Europe, America and Australia she got the call she had been waiting for…..a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa! Off she set, excited and hoping to see some heffalumps (she wasn’t sure if there are any heffalumps in Johannesburg but they’re her favourite and she really wanted to see one).

She was really racking up the air miles now and fancied a dip in the Caribbean, with some delicious coconut for refreshment. Off she popped to Barbados before heading back up to America and Canada, then home…via Tasmania.

What a day! Ramsey and Sally were excited to hear all about her adventures and she had loads of lovely photos of her friends around the globe to show them. Bed was calling and she answered, dreaming of all the wonderful places she had been and the two continents still on her to do list. Would she ever get there?

A quiet weekend of football began; Mum was watching the World Cup and Blue settled in happily beside her on the sofa. Germany…been there. Portugal, Spain, tick, tick. Croatia, where’s that? Oooh Brazil and Peru, how she longed to get to South America…..

Suddenly on Sunday it happened. After a surprise bath (she wasn’t impressed), Blue checked her Twitter account and there it was….a message from Argentina! This called for major zoomie time as Blue realised she had now made it to six out of seven continents.

Can we make it seven????

Antarctica will certainly be a challenge with less than 5000 residents but it would be fantastic if we could get her there and complete Blue’s round the world adventure. Thank you so much to everyone who has commented, liked and shared our posts, we love hearing from you all. Please can you take 2 seconds to share our Facebook and Twitter post and lets see if we can #getBluetoAntarctica.

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