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Writing competition for local schools
January 15, 2018
A Greyt Pirate Tail Reviews
March 7, 2018

The countdown is definitely on for A Greyt Pirate Tail with only 20 days to go until publication! We’ve been keeping very busy and had a fantastic week last week travelling up and down the country to celebrate World Book Day.

This is definitely one of our favourite days of the year, any chance to dress up and celebrate reading! Our first visit of the week was to Holy Trinity CofE Primary School in Cookham, Berkshire. Back in January I had received a message through our FB page from a lovely lady who’d bought A Greyt Christmas Tail, asking if we would be able to visit her daughters’ school. We love school visits so I was happy to accept her invitation. Funnily enough, my parents live in Cookham and we got married in Holy Trinity Church there – an amazing coincidence. We loaded up the car, dropped Dave at work and hit the road….only to discover that the M6 was closed. Well, this just wouldn’t do. We had to get to the school so off we went on a cross country adventure, through the Peak District, the National Forest and who knows where else! It was snowing the whole way but that just made it even prettier and even Ramsey throwing up on Blue in the car couldn’t stop us. We made it in time for a quick walk to burn off some energy before heading into the school.

Headteacher Anna Smith had arranged for us to work with three of the classes and we had an wonderful time. The children loved meeting Ramsey and Blue and reading both A Greyt Christmas Tail and A Greyt Pirate Tail; the proof copy of the latter had arrived just days before so it was a great opportunity to get some feedback from children and find out what they thought. Thankfully they all loved it! They asked some great questions about the dogs and we had a fabulous time. Of course my parents were out that day (typical) so didn’t get to see them but we still popped round for a brew before heading home. Luckily the M6 was open by this time!

On March 1st we headed over to Canon Sharples Primary School in Wigan to meet with the Year 6 students. We’d previously visited this school as part of the writing competition we ran back in January and the headteacher had invited us back to hear some of the work the children had been doing. Everyone was dressed up in wonderful costumes and we had a fantastic time. They had been working on a writing project that included publishing their own work, two of the girls read their mystery stories. The standard of work was very high and I loved hearing them read aloud. We talked about being an author, the inspiration behind my books and Ramsey and Blue. Again, the children loved A Greyt Pirate Tail and A Greyt Christmas Tail. Ramsey and Blue had lots of hugs and attention and were thoroughly worn out afterwards.

If you’d like to book a free visit for your school please get in touch! We have limited dates available and they are booking up quickly

Heading home from a great visit at Holy Trinity CofE Primary in Cookham

Some of the Year 6 students at Canon Sharples Primary School in Wigan