What a Wonderful Week We’ve Had!

As seen in Prima magazine!
November 3, 2017
Ending the year on a high
January 2, 2018

One of the best things about being an author is seeing children enjoying my books and last week we got to do just that.

Ramsey, Blue and I were invited to visit the three primary schools in Aspull, Wigan to meet the children, talk about being an author and share A Greyt Christmas Tail with them. We started the day off in style at Aspull Church School where we were made very welcome – this was our first ever school visit so it was a big deal to us and we loved it! As the children filed into the hall and caught sight of Ramsey and Blue in their elf coats they were so excited. This was the first opportunity I’d had to actually see kids reactions to my book (they usually just get sent out and sometimes, if I’m lucky, we get sent a photo or comment on social media) so watching their faces and reactions as head teacher Mrs Clarke read it aloud was very special. It went down really well, the children loved it and we had some lovely comment from teachers afterwards which really meant a lot.


I was surprised by a wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday and then the children had a chance to meet Ramsey and Blue. They were on their very best behaviour and certainly loved all the attention. Blue was a bit shy but Ramsey lapped it up, even rolling over to let them tickle his tummy – such a ham!

Our next visit was to Our Lady’s Primary School where, again, we were made very welcome. Two classes came into the hall for a special assembly and again all the children enjoyed the story and asked lots of questions. Then it was time for our final visit of the day, to St David Haigh Primary School. A funny moment happened at the start of the assembly when the school bell rang. Blue wasn’t at all phased by it, maybe it was a throwback to her racing days, but Ramsey almost jumped out of his skin! He soon relaxed and settled back down though, sleeping his way through the book reading. All the children were very keen to meet Ramsey and Blue and asked loads of questions, it was great to hear all about their dogs as well. One boy and a teacher had greyhounds of their own and were very happy to see Blue.

One of the main themes for the day was the importance of imagination and following your dreams. Children have wonderful imaginations and I encouraged them to never let that be dulled. Never did I think for one second when I made up a silly story on a dog walk that it would lead to being a published author so we talked about the importance of following your dreams – you never know where life is going to take you and you can achieve anything you want if you just keep being inspired and working hard.

We really can’t thank the schools enough for their hospitality and warm welcome and were pleased to donate copies of A Greyt Christmas Tail for the children to enjoy. We’re also very much looking forward to going back in the New Year to launch a special competition….stay tuned for more details.

We’ve got several events booked in as it gets closer to Christmas so lots of opportunities to meet Ramsey and Blue and pick up your copy. On Nov 25/26th we will be out the Middlebrook Pets at Home Store in Bolton. On Thursday 7th December, Ramsey and Blue are excited to be taking part in Carols around the Christmas tree in Aspull. Saturday 9th December sees us at the One House Christmas Fair in Aspull and on Sunday 17th December we will be at the Hindley Community Library Chapter One Tea Rooms for their Christmas fair.

Thank you to Councillor Chris Ready for arranging the school visits and to Councillor Ron Conway and John Hulme for accompanying us. It was great to meet you all.

If anyone reading this is interested in setting up a visit from Ramsey and Blue please get in touch! We love visiting schools and would love to hear from you.